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Over the last 6 months sketching outside has become part of my daily routine, weather permitting, and I now have well over 100 sketches of the places I have explored.

I am working on putting all these drawings together into an artist sketchbook for all to enjoy. I hope to create a book that not only showcases my artwork but also serves to share the history, details and landscape of the village I’ve been exploring. In a way I see what I’m doing as way to preserve and tell others of a place before it is changed. And as it was the first place to catch my eye it is only right that the first in this book series is the fishing harbour of Porthleven.

So, what will you find inside the book?

  • An entirely unique book where all the content has been created entirely by myself, right down to the font and hand lettered headings.
  • Over 50 unique views of Porthleven hand sketched by me.
  • Photos taken of many of the places on the day the sketches were drawn.
  • Titbits of knowledge, trivia, and history of particular buildings.
  • Artist notes on why a particular building caught my attention, and details such as weather at the time of drawing and other observations.
  • Details of the materials and supplies used in the creation of these sketches.
  • An illustrated route map to not only show the geography of the village and where I explored, but to also act as a guide for your own exploration of the village.

    I am sure that people will find it inspiring, insightful, and most importantly, enjoyable to read.

    What’s next?

    I have been working on this project for a while and have most of the content completed and ready to print. I have worked out the size and number of pages and have found a specialist art printer that I will be using and they have provided all the costs for printing this type of book. All I need now is a bit of help from you to make this project happen! PLEDGE NOW HERE

    What you’ll get…

    In return for supporting this book I will be offering some unique rewards specially put together for this project:

    • Postcard sets (each set contains x4 different postcards)
    • Digital copy of book
    • First edition copy of the book
    • Map foldout pamphlet
    • Signed books
    • Signed prints
    • Commission slots – where you will be able to commission me to sketch your own illustrated place up to A4 size. It could be your house, street, building, church you were married in, place you grew up in- you name it, I will draw it for you.
    • Sketchbook walks where you’ll get the chance to come out with me on a sketching tour of Porthleven, chat and sketch the places that are featured in the book. A chance to gain one-to-one advice on sketching and capturing the places you see around you. This will be unique experience and limited to a small number of slots.
    • Note: all pledges £25 and over will receive signed copies of the book

    If this project is fully funded I will host a special exhibition evening which you will all be invited to attend where I will showcase my sketchbook originals as well as larger pieces. There will also be the opportunity to hear me talk about the project and future plans as well as get to meet and thank you all in person.

    Where the money goes

    Money raised from all the pledges will primarily go to publishing, printing and shipping this book with smaller amounts going to cover ISBN numbers, rewards and the 5% kickstarter fee. If I manage to raise more than my original amount I will be able to start work on the next village/town in my series of sketching.

    To pledge and support please click through to my Kickstarter page. 

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