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Creative Catchup podcast

Recently I’ve launched a podcast about running a creative business with my artist friend Natasha Newton called Creative Catchup. Basically each episode we chat about a subject that has come up in our own creative practice, and share the ups and downs, struggles and successes along with some advice we hope you’ll find useful too. If you enjoy listening to podcasts whilst you work, then consider adding us to your playlist too. You can find us on Youtube, Spotify or Apple podcast.

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Advice for artists – what to include in your contract

Written contracts as opposed to informal contracts are really important to have in place with any illustration work you may be commissioned to do, both for the illustrator as well as the client. Even with the best of intentions without a formal contract things can quickly go awry and problems can range from work not been paid for, disputes over who owns the copyright, to a general confusion over what is expected for both the client and illustrator. Interestingly any agreement which has the following three elements: An offer Consideration (something in exchange i.e. money) Acceptance written or verbal– automatically creates a contractually binding agreement between two parties and cannot be altered after the event without agreement from the other. It is after this stage that a written contract can be drawn up to further define the terms of trade. I’ve found that contracts can vary from client to client and sometimes the commissioner will have […]

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Advice for artists -how to price illustration work

Although I have been working in the creative arts since I graduated back in 2002 it’s only in the last few years that I have been involved in the world of illustration. Unlike most other creative jobs illustration is not priced per hour or on a day rate but per project and the price centres around the following: Usage of work – what is the illustration being used for- book cover, email marketing, greeting card, tee shirt design, advertising? Rates vary widely depending on the area of use. It is important to have this specifically defined in your contract and for further uses another license agreement would need to be drawn up. Area of Use or Territory it’s being licensed in. If the work is only to be used in the UK then the price would be lower than say if the client wanted Worldwide rights. Duration of license – this […]