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Valentine Illustration Challenge

I’ve just completed a 14 day valentine illustration challenge- producing 1 new piece of love themed artwork each day from the 1st-14th February. This is my second challenge I’ve completed to help me produce new work to license on a specific theme. It really helps me to focus and produce work in a short period of time- a little like going on a bootcamp- it’s intense but gets your illustration muscles working! Below are the results:

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Christmas Illustration Countdown

I’ve set myself a mini illustration challenge of creating 25 new christmas pieces and releasing one each day of December until Christmas Day. So far I have created 10 images- if you would like to follow along I am releasing them on my Instagram account each morning! Find and follow me at with the tag #christmasillocountdown

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Wedding Invitations

I recently completed a simple wedding postcard invite for a couple of friends of mine. I loved the theme of fairies and flowers that I thought I’d share it here. I think this floral design would work well on Thank-you cards too.

Wild and Free Floral Repeating Pattern

I’d thought I would share some floral patterns I’ve been working on recently. I used a couple of flowers I had created from my wild and free illustration and created a repeating pattern from them. I would love to see this pattern used on wrapping paper or journal cover design.  

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Fish supper illustrations

  Here are my new illustrations based on a fishy theme. I really wanted to create a piece which showed textures and patterns along a fishy theme. I also wanted to make sure I could carry the design through to a range of products. Below you can see how the design works for a greeting’s card or journal cover and also how it has been transferred to a one colour screen print on tea towels and cushions. I enjoyed limiting myself to this simple colour palette as it meant I had to include more textures to keep the print interesting.