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New to commissioning illustration? Here are some things to consider.

Unlike most creative jobs illustration is not priced per hour or on a day rate but per project and the price centres around the following:

  • Usage of work

  • Area of Use or Territory it’s being licensed in

  • Duration of license

  • How quickly you need the work

Usage of work

What is the illustration being used for-  email marketing, greeting card, tee shirt design, advertising? Rates vary widely depending on the area of use. For instance a magazine editorial will demand a lower rate than a food packaging design. It is important to have this specifically defined in the contract and for further uses another license agreement would need to be drawn up.


Area of Use or Territory it’s being licensed in

If the work is only to be used in the UK then the price would be lower than say if the illustration was to be licensed  Worldwide.


Duration of license

How long do you want the illustration to be used for? For example a editorial spot in a magazine will only be licensed for say 90 days whereas a site map in a client’s brochure may be licensed for up to 3 years. All rights are returned to the illustrator once the license expires.


How quickly do you need the work

This will only effect the price if the deadline is very short notice and would involve working overnight/weekend work. The price added would be an additional percentage of the original costing for the project. I can offer a quick turnaround once the job has been booked in but bear in mind I’m usually working on several projects at the same time so wait times can vary.

Once the job has been booked and the fee agreed upon a confirmation of engagement is drawn up and includes the following:

  • The above usage and duration terms

  • A schedule of work with number of revisions included

  • Cancellation/Kill fee

  • Brief outline

  • Payment terms

I find the best jobs where client and illustrator are satisfied are those who brief me well. Make sure you are clear on what you would like me to do for you and I will aim to deliver your illustration project in a professional, friendly and timely manner.

You are welcome to chat through before engaging my services to see if I am the right fit for what you want, please just get in touch via email or leave a message and I’ll get back to you asap.