Map Illustrator for Ferment Magazine

2020 has started with some exciting map related news; I am now the map illustrator for Ferment Magazine, UK’s No. 1 craft beer magazine, brought to you by Beer 52. It sounds like an unusual fit for me, as I am not a beer drinker but I do love the Magazine’s art style and fresh appeal.

I first approached the editor back in 2017, having been drawn to the brightly coloured cover I saw in WHSmiths and asked if they’d like a map illustrated for their next issue. Rather encouragingly I received a positive response from editor Rich and my first map was commissioned for their California issue and published at the end of 2017.

Their new art director Adele Juraza got back in touch the end of 2019 and asked if I’d like to illustrate another map, this time for New Zealand. It was a quick turnaround but I was up for the challenge, and like any map junkie excited to create a new map for my portfolio. The map deadline was met and everyone was happy with the result.

My map styles are diverse and this is really what has given me this opportunity, as I will match the map loosely to the cover illustrator’s style they have commissioned. Ultimately for me it means every month or so I get to travel the world (via google earth) explore the natural habitat, find out about land marks, food and places of special interest and create a really fun map that gives Ferment readers a little taste of where their craft beers are created.

If you are a fan of craft beer then hop over to and join their beer club, you get a copy of the magazine along with beers and a snack.

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