Sketchbook chat with Authentic Obsessions Podcast

Recently I had the pleasure of chatting about keeping sketchbooks with Margret Petrie of the Authentic Obsessions podcast along with artist Sandi Hester. In our hour long chat we talked about when we started keeping sketchbooks, why we do it and how we use them alongside our art/illustration practice. I shared about the benefits I see in having a sketchbook practice, the sense of having a space that is mine, taking time to play, keeping my tools sharp, observing from life, and consistently showing up to draw.

I loved hearing Sandi’s thoughts on keeping sketchbooks and her willingness to play and realising that a huge part of an artist’s life is to simply produce for the joy of it, accepting that you will produce a lot of bad work, but remembering that all the bad goes into the good!

Margret, our gracious host guided us in our chat and asked pertinent questions to help keep our conversation on track and the result is a really interesting conversation that I hope will encourage other artists and illustrators in their sketchbook practice.

Here are the Takeaways that Margret listed from the episode:

1. “If you are producing good work, you likely have a lot of bad work holding it up.”  Sandi

2. “Just drawing what I saw in front of me grounded me and I just felt like I could breathe again.”  Mel

3. “When you draw it, it becomes interesting, especially kitchen utensils.” Mel

4. “Get absorbed in the ordinary.” Sandi

This is the second podcast chat I’ve had with Margret on her Podcast, in Episode 38 Margret interviewed me about my own art journey and influences. To listen to that check it out here.

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