Sketchbook drawing and painting workshops in Cornwall

I’ve been busy planning my classes for this term and am excited to tell you what’s on offer. Here’s a full list of the workshops with a short summary of what I have on offer for the Autumn Term. I am also available for leading workshops at Art Groups, Festivals, Cafe’s, Craft Fairs etc. so do get in touch if you would like me to work with you.

Sketchbook Drawing Club

This is a chance to brush up on your observation and drawing skills. Each session we will look at a particular subject and discuss ideas for capturing your subject creatively and then set to work producing a beautifully illustrated sketchbook spread. We will be working from life where ever possible to really help us ‘see’ what actually is in front of us. All of our sketchbook classes will be held at Colroger Deli in Mullion Wednesdays 1.15-2.30pm. Book your spot here.

  • Wed 25th Sept | FOOD AND DRINK
  • Wed 23rd Oct | BUILDINGS 
  • Wed 20th Nov | MAPS AND LETTERING 
  • Wed 4 Dec | ANIMALS 

Drink and Draw

Each month on a Saturday from 10-11am we continue to meet at Colroger Deli in Mullion with a growing community of eager drawers. It’s a time to be creative, drink tea/coffee and draw together in an informal space. We usually start off with some drawing exercises, followed by an introduction to the subject, a short demo with ideas for capturing the subject and then a around 30-40 minutes of drawing time and talking. All materials are provided and guests get 10% off all drinks. Find out the next date here.

Find your flow – Plant Portrait Workshops

Are you a plant lover? Have you ever wanted to have a go at capturing your beautiful blooms confidently? Do you want to take some time out doing something creative and relaxing in an inspiring space filled with plants? If yes, then come and join me for these unique ‘Find your flow’ sessions at In bloom this Autumn! All materials provided.

  • Sat 28th Sept | 2-4pm – WATERCOLOUR 
  • Sat 26th Oct | 2-4pm – GOUACHE 
  • Sat 16th Nov | 12-4pm – INK AND COLLAGE 

In Bloom is a plant and flower shop run by the delightfully helpful Lisa who has a generous knowledge of all things botanical. She will be on hand to tell you what each plant is and will also be providing refreshments for our time spent here. 

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