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Creative Catchup podcast

Recently I’ve launched a podcast about running a creative business with my artist friend Natasha Newton called Creative Catchup. Basically each episode we chat about a subject that has come up in our own creative practice, and share the ups and downs, struggles and successes along with some advice we hope you’ll find useful too. If you enjoy listening to podcasts whilst you work, then consider adding us to your playlist too. You can find us on Youtube, Spotify or Apple podcast.

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Being Freelance Podcast

Last month I was interviewed by Steve Folland for his Being Freelance Podcast. It was the first time I had been interviewed on a podcast and so was quite a new experience for me! I needn’t have worried though as Steve is an experienced podcaster and broadcaster and great at putting people at ease and as I felt like I knew him through watching his vlogs on Youtube it was relatively painless. I spoke to Steve about my illustration and freelance journey and how I got to where I am today. It was actually a really helpful exercise for me as I could clearly see, looking back, the progression I had made from literally not knowing anything about illustration to working with a variety of national and international clients on a range of illustration projects, simply through taking small intentional steps. I think when you’re in the midst of building […]