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Things learnt from my daily 2020 postcard project

January 1st 2020 I set out to draw a postcard everyday for the entire year…little did I know what kind of year 2020 would shape up to be. 366 days later, 1 Pandemic, 5 bottles of black ink, 30 postcard books, 2 lockdowns, 1 overseas work trip and 14 days in quarantine I have emerged sanity in tack with 366 postcards sketched every day of 2020. To say it was a little tricky at times is an understatement and to be honest there were moments when I did think what am I doing? Do I really need to keep going with this project? After all we’re living through a pandemic and I’m sure no-one would bat an eyelid if I decided to stop. However there was something I discovered about myself this year that pushed me to keep going and that is; when the going gets tough, I dig in […]