Illustrated maps of Cornwall and beyond


Various clients


An illustrated map will help elevate your brand and is a powerful tool to market your business.

Over the years I have illustrated many maps for a range of businesses and seen firsthand how an illustrated map tailored to a specific niche or area of expertise is a great asset for any company looking to connect on a visual level with their customer base.

Being based in Cornwall I have been been involved in several map-related projects around the county. I have also created maps for businesses based outside of Cornwall and readily take on commissions for international clients as well.

Below you’ll find a selection of maps I’ve created which demonstrate how well they serve the business, can be a positive asset and in some cases be the main branding guide.

Maps can be used powerfully to connect with users, they are visually engaging, and can quickly communicate information about a place that may otherwise be hard to convey through copy alone.

Map created for bunnyhomes to illustrate where their company is based and the area they serve.

These maps were created for a couple of personal projects and are based on the Lizard Peninsula the area in which I live.

Product-Hippo Car Play Mat-Cornwall

This fun map was created for Hippo Play mats. Hippo Mat™ make play mats themed to different areas of the UK. They aim to refresh, revitalise, and revolutionise the classic car play mat and hope to create a more exciting, engaging and educational experience. It features over 15 colourful icons featuring a range of Cornish landmarks, food, environmental features  and objects.

Postcard Marketing - Paperlike

Another fun map illustration was licensed by Paperlike on postcards they included when sending out their screen protector product to customers. A great way to connect in a friendly and approachable way and show customers what could be created digitally. I had several artists get in touch to say how they enjoyed receiving the postcard and that it was now stuck on their fridge door.

Magazine Covers-Best Days Out Cornwall

These maps were used for the front covers of the Cornwall magazine Best Days Out. Simplified colour palette, clean icons with hand lettered locations gives a friendly and attractive, approachable style. The maps give an overview of Cornwall, places to visit and engage visitors looking to quickly familiarise themselves with the county.

Flyer design and illustration -Shipyard Cycles

Shipyard Cycles (now RideOn EBikes) commissioned a map to go along with their e-bike hire business. They wanted to give customers a quick idea of where and what to visit and this map gives a list of the top 5 places to visit by bike in a friendly and easy to read way. 

Print celebrating 50 years of CPRE Cornwall Map

Commissioned as a gift for CPRE The countryside charity. Celebrating 50 years looking after Cornwall’s countryside.

Marketing-Fundraising map routes for Riding for Adam

Riding for Adam is something no one wished existed, but it does because Adam (James’ son and Mark’s nephew) was diagnosed with a rare cancer, synovial sarcoma, in 2016. He sadly died on 19 June 2018, aged 23. 

James and Mark went on to cycle in memory of Adam and to raise money for Cancer research. Firstly from John O’Groates to Landsend when they raised £10,000 and then 5 more cycling routes were added which I had the pleasure of illustrating. They have now raised almost £300,000 and cycled 7,725 miles! To read their story click here.

Editorial-My Dating Advisor World Map

My Dating Advisor commissioned an illustrated world map sharing the top 25 Skinny-dipping spots worldwide to accompany their blog article. Compiling complex data from across the globe the brief was to create something that would be attractive, visually stimulating, fun and engaging. The map contains zoom-ins, place highlights, numbered locations and colour coded key areas as well as people and beach related icons. 

Instructional-British Normandy Memorial Map

Commissioned by the British Normandy Memorial and art directed by Snappin Turtle I designed a simple directional map for the British Normandy Memorial based in France. The brief was to clearly show where the memorial was and the relevant town and road names for visitors to easily locate.

Content Creation- Preply

These maps were commissioned by online language learning company Preply. Used predominantly in their blog posts to supplement their content creation. As you can see an illustrated map can help simplify and breakdown complex data which would ordinarily take some time to understand and decipher.